Fairbanks Concert Association

Thanks for choosing the Fairbanks Concert Association.

It’s been great to hear from so many friends after such a long time off. We realize that we’re all a little rusty. FCA has been around since 1947, so when we invested in a ticketing system, we had to marry a longtime way of doing things, beloved by many of our patrons, with a new system. As a result, our online ticketing isn’t always obvious to navigate. So here goes:

There are three ways to get tickets:

  1. Subscribe by purchasing at least 3 events. You’ll save a lot on each ticket, get better seats, and have no ticket fees all year. You can always add more tickets at subscriber prices and still no fees.
  2. Become a Program Partner by adding a donation to your subscription. You’ll enjoy the best seats in the house and additional perks like invitations to receptions with the artists.
  3. Just buy tickets to one show.

For three or more events click on theGet Season Tickets Now” button on the homepage of our website. Then choose the number of events you’d like and proceed from there.  The cost will automatically calculate based on the events you choose. (FYI a complete list of prices is on our tickets page.)

When you hit the subscription button, it takes you to our ticketing page. On the top right you’ll see options for “subscriptions,” “memberships” and “events”. If you want to become a program partner, click “memberships” (yea… we know… we’re working on it)

For single events, just choose the button on the event page that says Get Tickets Now.

When you subscribe we have to assign your seats. You have the option to have the same seats for each show or choose the best seats available for each event. Just let us know!

And you can always call us at 474-8081. Although you have to wait till Tuesday!

Have a great weekend and let us know if you have any questions


FCA Glossary:
Subscriber – anyone purchasing at least 3 events.
Program Partner (formerly known as “Member”) – anyone adding a donation to their subscription.
Season ticketholder – anyone who attends 3 or more events both subscribers and program partners.