Fairbanks Concert Association

Volunteers are an essential
part of the FCA family

Volunteers are an essential
part of the FCA family

Volunteers help bring every FCA performance to life.

Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, have just an hour or two or a whole evening to spare, there are many ways community members can help.

If you’re a longtime Fairbanksan, this is a great way to see your friends!
If you’re new to Fairbanks, you’ll get to meet a lot of people in a hurry!

Ways to volunteer:

Contact the FCA office at 907-474-8081 or email pr@fairbanksconcert.org to become a volunteer.


Lobby Greeter

The lobby greeter helps set up the lobby and stands near the front door of the venue to welcome patrons and direct them to will call or the box office, and to answer general questions like when the theater doors open and where the restrooms are.

Time commitment:

Arrive 1.5 hours prior to show time and stay until most of the audience has been seated

Personality type:

Outgoing, quick thinker, able to give clear directions in a friendly way, enjoys dealing with a lot of people all at once


Ushers are responsible for helping set up the lobby and monitoring the doors until they open for seating. Ushers hand out programs, take tickets, and close and reopen the theater doors at the beginning and end of each performance half. At the end of the performance, ushers clear the theater of left-behind items like print programs, lonely mittens and a surprising number of reading glasses.

Time commitment:

Arrive 1.5 hours prior to show time and stay until the theater has been cleared

Personality type:

Friendly, likes to chat with patrons, wants to make the audience feel welcome and cared-for

Will Call

There are two types of will call needs. Will call ticket organizers get the boxes ready the night before for the will call distribution folks. They hand out tickets to patrons who have already bought their tickets and need to pick them up at the show. 

Ticket organizer time commitment:

1-2 hours the night before

Ticket organizer personality type:

Enjoys quiet focus time; probably has an alphabetized spice rack

Will call distribution time commitment:

Arrive 1 hour and 15 min. before show time and stay until all tickets have been distributed

Personality type:

Appreciates a well-organized, alphabetized system and interacting with people in a fast-paced environment

Lobby Monitor

The lobby monitor sits in the lobby during the performance to help answer questions like where the restrooms are. The lobby monitor can use their volunteer ticket to see another show of their choice during the season.

Time commitment:

Arrive 15 min. before the performance and stay until it ends

Personality type:

Perfect for readers and knitters

Poster Distribution

Poster distributors sign up for one or more areas throughout Fairbanks and North Pole to hang posters according to a checklist provided by FCA. Typical areas include coffee shops and local retailers.

Time commitment:

1-3 hours, usually about a month before each show

Personality type:

Likes to visit different places in town. Gets a little endorphin boost by checking things off a list.