Portland Cello Project – 3.5.17 – 7:30


Sunday, March 5 at 7:30 p.m. – Hering Auditorium

Since the group’s inception in late 2007, the Portland Cello Project—or PCP, as their fans affectionately call them—has wowed audiences all over the country with extravagant performances, everywhere from Prairie Home Companion, to that punk rock club in the part of town your grandma warns you not to go to after dark. The group has built a reputation mixing genres and blurring musical lines and perceptions wherever they perform. While they are in Fairbanks they will be create an original work about Breakup in Alaska—and perform its world premiere.

No two shows are alike, with a repertoire now numbering over 800 pieces. The Cello Project’s stage setup ranges from very simple (4-6 cellos), to the all-out epic (which has included 12 cellos playing with full choirs, winds, horns, and numerous percussion players). The Cello Project has three goals for their music: bring the cello to places you wouldn’t normally hear it; play music on the cello you wouldn’t normally hear on the instrument; and build bridges across musical communities with unique onstage collaborations.

  • Friday, March 3 school show and workshop with AK Cello Intensive
  • Saturday, March 4 workshop with AK Cello Intensive. ACI performance at UUFF Hall 7:00 PM
  • Sunday March 5 public performance

“Before this recent Portland Cello Project concert, I’m not sure that I’d truly realized how important live performances can be in helping you appreciate music.”
– Time Magazine Online

“It doesn’t get much more genre-crossing than this,”
– MTV.com

“This indie orchestra gives classical music a jolt of energy,”
– Spin Magazine

“PCP has come to epitomize Portland’s offbeat music scene, one where boundaries are blurred and cellos are in abundance.”
– The Strad

“If you could see how crazy everyone around here gets whenever the PCP cello-izes a new hip-hop or pop hit (which is a lot), you’d understand why their Thing is the best Thing going in Portland,”
– IFC’s Portlandia Blog

“A group of cello-wielding maniacs”
– Spacelab Magazine

“An ace group of rotating cellists who take on everything from Britney’s “Toxic” to the Dandy Warhols and postmodern Estonian composer Arvo Pärt in their one-off performances”
– Entertainment Weekly

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May 14, 2016