Robot Planet Rising – 1.15.17 – 7:30


Sunday, January 15 at 7:30 p.m. – Hering Auditorium

(No school Monday – January 16)

An Intergalactic Nemesis Live Action Graphic Novel

What is The Intergalactic Nemesis? It’s an adventure story set in the 1930s and for the kid in everyone, and a theatrical production we call a Live-Action Graphic Novel. The live production is like nothing you’ve ever seen. And it’s back in Fairbanks with a brand new story!

You enter the theater to see an unusual setup. Onstage, are three microphones, a huge table filled with toys, household items, and strange objects, and a piano. Floating above all of this is a giant projection screen. As the show unfolds, you’ll get to watch every piece of it in real time: Three actors voicing dozens of parts, switching accents and characters between breaths. A Foley Artist making hundreds of sounds live as the story unfolds, from train whistles to spaceship explosions. A talented pianist improvising the entire exciting, dramatic score. And more than 1,000 original, hand-drawn, full-color, hi-res, comic-book images blasting from the screen.

Like “Elvis coming back to play Tupelo in 1956 or Marvin Gaye selling out his hometown’s Kennedy Center in ’72.”
—The Austinist

“Brilliant… The ending makes you want to high-five your neighbor in anticipation of the next installment.”
—CultureMap Austin

“I felt like the nerdy little 10-year-old kid that I once was, bouncing off the walls and grinning as I talked to my friend about my favorite parts.”
—Austin Post

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May 14, 2016