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New Outreach Program from FCA and TuneSupply

When FCA had to cancel the rest of the FCA 2019-2020 season – and with it, outreach to local students – we began thinking about what we might do to mitigate the lost outreach, and support music teachers suddenly having to create content for online consumption in a field that begs for human interaction.

About the same time, our friends Caitlin Warbelow and Chris Ranney started TUNE.SUPPLY as a great conduit to pay artists for their work.

Conversation with some local music teachers produced a clear idea of what would be helpful to them: A series of short segments by diverse artists on such topics as creative listening, insight on being a professional musician, playing with intent and feeling, home practice methods, individuals talking about their specific instruments, etc.

We launched a successful GoFundMe campaign, receiving 46 donations, mostly from the local community but also from New York, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Anchorage.

Because these videos were paid for with this campaign we are pleased to make them available free to whoever would like to use them. And we now recognize that includes private music teachers and parents turned homeschooler for the first time.

100% of the money raised went directly to professional musicians, now, suddenly unable to perform live.

Please visit our new Education Page to view the incredible #musicianlife video series.


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June 8, 2020