Dear Friends,

I recently watched a program about the Fine Arts Conservatory in Miami. Begun in the early 1950’s and far ahead of its time, the school brought music, art and dance to young students in an integrated environment. This little known Conservatory changed the lives of many of those who attended the school. Some would start their own conservatories or theater companies or become life-long advocates for the arts. It was an instrument of change, even before the civil rights movement.

In the late 70s its founder, Ruth Greenfield, started another project known as the Lunchtime Lively Arts Series. Initiated in 1972 to help revitalize a downtown in decline, it was hosted by Miami Dade College and brought a variety of free entertainment every Wednesday at noon to various downtown venues. The series which spanned almost twenty years, reignited interest in the arts and was the spark that led to Miami’s urban renewal that is still taking place today.

All over the country, cities and towns have used the arts to foster urban renewal and make their communities fun and exciting places to be. The ripple effect created by these activities includes prosperity and economic survival – but they also create joy and light and laughter.

Our partnership with you fuels our community, providing the energy, joy, understanding, experience, creativity, learning, connections, diversity and engagement which leads to a thriving Fairbanks community.

During this time of year we especially want to thank you and wish you and yours a joyous holiday season.

From all of us at FCA