Now is the time to focus on the heart of the Education Partnership: Making sure that all those who want to attend, can attend

I think most people know that the Fairbanks Concert Association puts on great shows. I’m not sure everyone knows that we leverage each performance with opportunities for our community….
Over the years FCA has evolved a programming plan which includes high profile artists, focus on artistic achievement within each genre, and artists who can contribute outreach to the community. We try to connect as much of our community as possible with the great performing artists who come here – whether they can come to us or not.

We offer workshops,  bring artists into schools for residencies, and to the Denali Center, the Pioneer Home,  the Fairbanks Youth Facility and the Fairbanks Detention Center.

Eight years ago we began our rural outreach program, bringing several artists each year to small communities and remote military outposts outside of Fairbanks. Out of this project the Healy Tech Team grew. These award winning teens are now well on their way to new careers, self-confidence, a professional attitude and the ability to focus on task. They’ve both given and received and we’re very proud of them.

At the heart of what we do is our school shows. We present an average of 6 school shows each year reaching 10,000 students, many of whom would never see a live performance otherwise. Can you imagine what it is like for a child to see a live performance for the first time… coming into Hering… sitting in the theater… Seeing the performers enter… and then the concert? Magic!

Every school show is sold out. Just imagine: 1200 students in Hering, each reacting without a filter. It’s wild! It’s fantastic!

Every year we pick one show with appeal to all ages and offer it at a ticket price which allows for families to attend together.

During the season we donate about 1500 tickets but for this show, our family show we want to donate 500 tickets; These go to families in need,  active military families, and social service organizations.

Right now is a critical time for FCA. In just a few weeks our family show with Scrap Arts Music will happen. They’ll also offer four workshops, and present a school show.

So we want to donate 500 tickets to Scrap Arts Music this year.  But we need your help to do it. Right now, today, we need to know: How many tickets can we afford to give?

Our goal for the Education Partnership this year is $22,500, so far we’ve received $10,622. We’re hoping that you can help us reach this goal by contributing now to our education partnership campaign.  With every $20 you give, we can give one more ticket to a military family whose parent might be deployed, to a family in need who couldn’t afford to come, to a Big and Little to attend together… with everything we do we try to build community,  form strong partnerships, and contribute to a better Interior Alaska.

We ask for your help with our efforts.  You can donate here or call us at 474-8081. Please, give now to the FCA Education Partnership. We promise to provide the fuel which makes our community a vibrant, creative and culturally rich town.

When you give to FCA we can bring the world to Fairbanks and our kids!
Fairbanks, you got this. Thanks for supporting FCA!