Fairbanks Concert Association

I have a distinct recollection of having coffee with an FCA Board Member
some years before coming to work here. “Isn’t the object to get the best
possible artist in any genre?” He nodded in agreement. “Yes, that’s right.”
Many years have passed since that coffee date at the Wood Center and I
have learned so much about how an FCA Season actually comes together.
It’s a process. There are many contributing factors. This year, we even
wrote some of them up and posted them here on the website, so you can see
a list of criteria. In many ways the process becomes more complex with
each year. Every now and then, we really just get the best possible artist in
their genre. Tonight this is the case.
I was fortunate to see this show at the Blue Note in New York during the
APAP booking conference. There are some 1200 showcase listings so
unless we plan for it, Jason Hodges, my Anchorage counterpart and I don’t
run into each other. That night we were both there. After the performance
he joined us “What did you think?” I sighed. “I would do
anything… anything to get this to Fairbanks.” Every now and then it’s just
that simple. I can’t imagine this being done any better and I am thrilled
that you can see it too.
If you come to see our final presentation, the highly inventive dance
company BodyVox here on May 2nd, you will also get to find out how next
season comes out. BodyVox was part of a plan to diversify our offerings
and bring theater and dance to the mix. As one patron noted this year:
“It seems like a big city when you can see such a wide variety of arts.”
Again, we just want to offer the best in any genre. We think you’ll
be pleased.