Women of the World – 10.21.16 – 7:30

Friday, October 21 at 7:30 p.m. – Hering Auditorium

Women of the World is a Boston-based international ensemble performing original and folk music from around the world, with a contemporary twist. Ayumi Ueda, a Berklee College of Music alumna from Japan, created a multicultural ensemble that not only crossed boundaries musically, but one that has committed to the ongoing practice of peace in their daily interactions. Ayumi joins forces with like-minded vocal artists, Giorgia Renosto from Italy, Annette Philip from India, and Débòrah Pierre from USA/Haiti to manifest this vision. The four core vocalists perform as an a cappella quartet and also tour with a rotating line up of outstanding eclectic instrumentalists.

Each of the musicians has a strong artistic identity shaped by the culture in which she grew up. Each finds endless excitement in learning and exploring the many cultures of the world. The Women of the World repertoire is thus, vast and varied. Constantly searching for new genres to explore, the group has performed in 29 languages (and counting) including Bulgarian, Cuban, Ladino, Brazilian, Turkish, African, Indian and Japanese.

In addition to McFerrin, they’ve collaborated with Angelique Kidjo, and the Boston Pops Orchestra, touring the world and performing at the Blue Note Jazz Club, Carnegie Hall, TEDxBoston, and the United Nations. Women of the World strives to support and engage in peace building efforts, including local and global movements that help foster unity amidst the rich diversity that surrounds us. Join us for this musical journey across the world!

  • Thursday, October 20 workshop and potluck with Fairbanks Peace Choir UUFF
  • Friday, October 21, school performance and public performance
  • Saturday, October 22, Ft Greely performance

“The music spoke throughout the night—it shouted, it soothed, it pleaded, it celebrated. The visual was as powerful as the music: here were women from around the world, and here was family. But the strongest pulse of all was the palpable joy of these women creating the music together.”
— Nikki Flionis, The Arts – Fenway News

“Beautiful, Spirted, Loving… Wonderful!”
— Bobby McFerrin, Grammy-winning Vocalist

“Women of the World inspires us, with their musical virtuosity and their joyful performance, to acknowledge and embrace our common humanity.”
— Roger Brown, President – Berklee College of Music

“It is just amazing to hear Women of the World’s multi-faceted talent, the depth and complexity of their pieces, and to watch their passion for what they do. They are a stunning group with incredible talent.”
— Ann Miller, President – Boston Jazz Voices

“These young and talented women bring together diverse and powerful international music, their commitment to building community, and their belief that love is essential. They have it! For each other and the world.”
— Rhiannon, Master Vocal clinician, Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra

“They are living, vibrant proof that the people of the world can play, sing and work together in peace.”
— Larry Bethune – Student Affairs, Berklee College of Music

“As a singer in a 4-voice group, it’s not lost on me how PERFECT they are in every aspect. The blend is unparalleled. And the volume control between them is astounding. When there’s only one person singing a part, each one is in essence naked and exposed. I kept listening for even the slightest intonation flaw or one part sticking out, and never heard it. They are amazing and hopefully the rest of the world will get to hear them.”
— Alan Nelson, Vocalist, Safam

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May 14, 2016