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Stephan Wolfert – Cry Havoc – 10.19-20.18


Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20 at 7:30 p.m. – Pioneer Park Civic Center

 “Broadway quality show that will knock you out of your seat. I saw it in Boston and plan to see it here. Not often we get something of this caliber in Fairbanks. It might change your life…” Jonathan Miller, Fairbanks

Stephan Wolfert left a career in the military for a life in the theatre after seeing Shakespeare’s Richard III. In Cry Havoc, Wolfert recounts his own experiences of military service, weaving his personal narrative with lines from some of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches. Wolfert proposes that the military recruits citizens and trains them to kill, but asks what does the “de-cruit” process look like? How do civilians and Veterans re-learn to live together?

Wolfert received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Trinity Repertory Conservatory in Providence, Rhode Island, co-created the largest touring Shakespeare Company in New England, directed, and taught acting Shakespeare at Cornell University and at Antelope Valley College. He is also the Founding Artistic Director of Shakespeare & Veterans, and the Veterans Center for the Performing Arts. He is currently a company member and the Head of Outreach for Bedlam in NYC. He is also the creator of DE-CRUIT: a program to reintegrate military Veterans using classical actor training.

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Veterans and members of the public: You are invited to a DE-CRUIT workshop with Stephan Wolfert. Free, open to all, regardless of military status, introductory – no commitment

What is DE-CRUIT?
DE-CRUIT, created by a veteran for all veterans, is an innovative approach to un-wire from war, integrating veterans, Shakespeare, theater and psychology, enabling veterans to heal while providing new skills going forward.

Everyone at every level of ability, literacy, interest and experience is welcome. The process offers tools for the stage that are useful tools for both life and for dealing with trauma.

The schedule for workshops and performances:

Wednesday, October 17:
Ft Greely Aurora CAC
DE-CRUIT workshop 1300 (noon – 3:00 pm)
Cry Havoc! 1730 (5:30pm)

Friday, October 19:
Pioneer Park
DE-CRUIT Workshop 1 – 4:00 (at Dance Hall)
Cry Havoc! 7:30 (Civic Center Theater)

Saturday, October 20:
Pioneer Park
Theater Workshop 12:30 – 3:30 (at Dance Hall)
Cry Havoc! 7:30 (Civic Center Theater)


Here’s a great interview with Stephan Wolfert on Cry Havoc! and the De-Cruit workshops

View the Cry Havoc Trailer on Vimeo

Cry Havoc Trailer


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May 11, 2018