Damn Tall Buildings

Saturday, March 9, 2024
7:30 pm — Davis Concert Hall

Sponsored by ConocoPhillips, Jack & Carol Wilbur, and Northern Alaska Tour Company

Witty and engaging, Damn Tall Buildings’ energizing music finds beauty and glory in the mundane, workaday struggle of everyday life: Time keeps passing and the seasons come and go, you scroll too much, you smoke too much, you lose yourself, only to sit with yourself and find yourself again, you laugh with your friends, and you look out the window and dream about what else might be out there. It all keeps coming around. You carry on, intent on flourishing and thriving. This is what Damn Tall Buildings sings about, what they seek to share with their audience.

The trio still radiates the energy of a crew of best friends playing bluegrass on the street. Anchoring that energy is their instrumental chops, their strong songwriting, and their varied influences that stretch beyond bluegrass, even beyond American roots music altogether. Whether sharing lead vocals and instrumental solos or blending their voices into high-spirited harmony, Damn Tall Buildings is a tight unit that contains more than the sum of its parts.

Subscription ticket: $40
Individual ticket: $53
UAF students: $25

*Individual ticket prices include $3 outlet fee per ticket.

**Youth, seniors, and military service members are eligible for a $5 discount
on each ticket, available at checkout.


“Bluegrass at heart, but pulling from a wide range of influences including swing, ragtime, jazz, and even a hint of contemporary perspective in the songwritings, they offer virtually unmatched energy and enthusiasm, underpinned by intelligent songs that don’t skip on the infectiousness.”
— Saving Country Music

“Damn Tall Buildings is here to make joy from the proverbial dumpster fire. To skewer the absurdity into which the world has descended, with an air of ironic transcendence and some raucous stringband interplay. What’s not to love?”
— Folk Alley