Fairbanks Concert Association

Whenever FCA brings an artist to Fairbanks we also try to create great connections between artists and community, and while we’re confident that everyone will enjoy this performance, making sure that teens get to see them, to work with them, to interact with them, is a priority.

“Los Angeles’ Best Dance Troupe for Hip-Hop Empowerment!” Ann Haskins, LA Weekly

Versa-Style is a dance ensemble of young, committed and conscientious artists on a mission to represent the diversity and beautiful complexity of their urban roots and to bring people together through dance. While here, they will perform a school performance for 1200 students, and give workshops at the Fairbanks Youth Facility, the Boys and Girls Club and for local dance students. Now, FCA is offering tickets to our February 4th performance to all area high school students for $10!

“When Versa-Style shares their work with student audiences, they also share a message of hard work, pride in your community, dedication to an art form, and the value of education.
Many of the dancers are the first in their families to go to college. Some are the first to finish high school… There were some pretty important take-homes for the 11 and 12 year olds in the audience today. But for us, and for the company, this morning was all about joy. Joy in movement, joy in sharing, joy in inspiring and supporting a new generation of artists. Joy in bringing our whole selves when we do the things we love, on stage and off.” Theresa Willis, Design For Sharing UCLA

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