Fairbanks Concert Association

Singer and Producer

Emmy® nominated, Irish singer – producer, Michael Londra is from the opera capital of Ireland, a small town on the South East coast called Wexford. In March 2000, Michael again was offered the position of lead singer in the new production of Riverdance on Broadway, taking the role from acclaimed Irish singer Brian Kennedy. This was the platform from which Michael’s recording and producing career began.

His recording of Danny Boy was described by The Irish Emigrant in New York as “One of the best recordings of Danny Boy in history.” The YouTube video of this recording has been downloaded by over 8 million people. He performed with Judy Collins at the JFK 50 Events in Ireland in 2013 attended by the Kennedy family and was invited to sing at the graveside of President John F. Kennedy in a ceremony to honor the event. His PBS special, Beyond Celtic which he co-produced with Mindfox Productions, was taped in March 2011 airing nationally over 400 times.

Michael has been very active in yet another role, this time as an ambassador for “Concern Worldwide“. Through several CD releases and through his high profile visits to Haiti, Michael has raised considerable awareness for the charity and helped bring the issue of poverty and hunger to the attention of the public.