Fairbanks Concert Association

When COVID-19 struck we had to end our season abruptly, preventing us from doing:


What we couldn’t do: Performances for an estimated 3,000 patrons.

In an era when there are few ways people come together in a positive, non-partisan context and a time when our community needs uplifting, our events provide a much-needed source of joy and sense of community.

So this is what we did instead:

What we did do: We initiated the FCA Fantasy Season

We invited the public to dream up their own FCA Season – with no restrictions of genre, living or dead, travel and fee, no object. Simply post at least one video to our Facebook page each day. With Paul Krejci leading the way we had an extremely successful run of guest curators and a fun, enlightening, and educational experience. 


If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/fairbanksconcert.org/

Here are some of our amazing curators!!!

What you can do: Are you interested in being a curator? Sign up for a chance to curate here: https://forms.gle/kfaTFSNnrXgnqhDaA


What we couldn’t do: School performances for 2700 students.

Some have never seen a live performance and teachers tell us stories of their impact: a means to reach kids for the first time, open doors for new experiences, become the basis for classroom discussion.

The opportunity to bring a small professional orchestra to work with the Youth Orchestras: the strings, concert orchestra and symphony.

What we did do: 

Musician-life-featuredWe produced 20 educational videos: FCA’S #MUSICIANLIFE SERIES BRINGING WORLD-CLASS TALENT TO ONLINE CLASSROOMS

Working with Caitlin Warbelow’s TUNE.SUPPLY, we used a GoFundMe platform to raise $2,000 to pay 20 professional musicians to do short (5 minute) videos addressing student musicians for use by classroom teachers suddenly having to teach virtually. The results, like all things Caitlin puts her hand to, are very much something we can all be proud of.


What you can do: If you haven’t seen them you can see them here: https://fairbanksconcert.org/education/


What we couldn’t do: Community-Wide Engagement Project

Bring Tomáš Kubínek to the Correctional Center and the Youth Facility, the same artist who began our relationship with them a decade ago.

This spring Tomáš was working with us on a community-wide engagement project, designed to celebrate local creativity not only by those who regularly practice but by those whose creativity is inherent in their daily lives – all of us.

What we did do: We moved Fairbanks Flies online and hosted our first-ever watch party

including the incredibly fun and creative Kinky Slinky and their music video!

If you haven’t watched it you can do so here: https://fairbanksconcert.org/

What you can do: It’s not too late to submit your own project


We would have spent $55,000 on production, printing, and local contractors for our canceled shows. They put their hearts into the work they do for us and they are family.

Instead, we flew into a flurry of applications. Our basic expenses to stay in business even without events is $215,000/year.  We’ve been successful getting

  •         PPP to support our rent and payroll. and are now applying for forgiveness.
  •         CARES from National Endowment for the Arts and the Alaska State Council for the Arts
  •         Our SBA loan has been approved  
  •         So have two touring grants for next year          

There are new opportunities coming up all the time and we’ll apply for everything we’re eligible for.  We’ll remind you we weren’t on Pick, Click Give this year, so think of us with your PFD!
(We’ll be back on Pick, Click, Give when applications open again)

With your continued help, after 73 years we’re not going away. We’re a good bet.

The year ahead will be a challenge, but with challenges come opportunities. We have the vision, the resources, and the determination to not only survive but with your help, to thrive.  

Thank you for your support!