Fairbanks Concert Association

Dear Friends,
It’s January and I don’t know about you but I could use a good laugh.
Whatever may be going on in your life personally, collectively we’ve been through the short, dark days of winter, countless political debates and gearing up for another legislative session fraught with challenges. We could all use a good laugh.
Something else we’ve experienced collectively are messages advocating for Pick.Click.Give. These are challenging times for our state and our community. Because of that, some might be tempted to give less or possibly not at all. But this is a time when we all need to step up, pull together and protect those things which make our life here worth living. This is the time when we should consider increasing our giving to protect the life that we love.
All of us at FCA are especially grateful to those of you who have helped us bring great arts and culture to Interior Alaska and the opportunity to connect all our citizens through the joy of experiencing it together. You’ve made it possible for us to provide school shows to thousands of students, workshops for the community, classroom residencies, outreach throughout Interior Alaska and a continuous raising of the bar in the artists we present. When we step up, you step up with us. You make it happen.
What has meant the most to me over the years has been the opportunity to bring people together in a joyous celebration. I love experiencing how everyone gets together over our events. Having the opportunity to watch our artists connect with local students, with those who might not get to attend a concert without help, with rural residents from Fort Greely, Delta and the Denali Borough and to the confined populations at social service organizations. I love hearing from a teacher or parent about how having an artist in the classroom made a student easier to reach, a family member of a patient whose soul was awakened through song or feeling the quiet response from the young residents at the Fairbanks Youth Facility. For me this never gets old and never loses its meaning. I am so deeply grateful to you for making these actual good tidings possible.
I truly believe that the joy that happens in the concert hall will spread out through our community in ways which are positive and unimaginable and all starting with you. We needed you and here you are! Thank you for your generosity and your confidence in us. Most of all, thanks for coming to our events.

Anne and all of us at FCA