Fairbanks Concert Association

Once, just once, when I was starting out in this job, I made the mistake of thinking others wouldn’t warm to a group I loved. Because of this, it took me several years to get around to programming them. It turned out to be the biggest tour ever done in Alaska and spawned a return visit through another organization. OK, I was wrong, but while I may make other mistakes, I won’t make that one again. I’ve grown more confident in myself and in our audience.
I know Fairbanks embraces the new as long as the artistry is there. I’m proud that we have refused opportunities to bring popular artists, artists we could make money with when the artistry wasn’t there. I’m proud that we’re willing to take risks. This project, nicknamed FEBfest, is all that. Three amazing groups, all talented beyond words, coming to Fairbanks for four days, to inspire you.
The first night, Thursday, February 21st, we’ll offer an introduction: Sets at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 at the Marlin Bar. The risk is ours, come and check these amazing musicians out for $5/set.
The second night, Friday, February 22nd, we invite you to join the jam. The party starts out in Old Town at Pioneer Park. The artists will form various configurations for a jazz improv, a freeform improv, and a metal improv. Short and sweet, with time to wander in the magic of the park – beautiful this time of year. In between, there’s time to chat and stroll and wonder at the beauty of the lights. Drink it in! Then move to the civic center to hear all nine artists play together!
Then it’s your turn to play! Bring your instruments, your voices, and also your dancing shoes, paints and paper for a community jam, led by a pro! It all takes place in the exhibition hall where we invite those who come with intent to play downstairs and those who simply wish to witness in wonder upstairs to the gallery! Don’t be shy! Express yourself! You’ll never have a better opportunity!
We had fun dreaming this up!
By the third night, Saturday, February 23rd, we think we’ll need a venue to hold you all so we’ll use Davis to present performances by all three groups. A once in a lifetime concert you won’t want to miss.
All along, our guests are working with students and especially with the Fairbanks Youth Orchestra. Come hear them perform with our guests. Sunday afternoon at 3:00 at the Unitarian Fellowship Hall, then meet the performers at a pot luck celebration. (Did you ever want to hang with Futureman? Here’s your chance! Bring a dish to share)
Finally, something special – just for those who bought a festival pass… a secret show! Buy a pass… we’ll tell you how it ends.