I visited a town once where there was no arts community in evidence. No live music, no art, a virtual cultural wasteland. I was so glad to come home where creativity abounds and the arts thrive. They make our community come alive. They ensure interaction, vibrancy, economic development and a tightly knit community. Its not surprising that even the smallest towns in Alaska have an arts council.

I think about all the food drives done by local arts organizations. The support shown by FCA through our Pass the Hat project (now continuing to thrive under the North Star Community Foundation), to the Food Bank, BCDC, Access Alaska, BBBS, Boys and Girls Club. Our military appreciation program, our commitment to students and the elderly,  the 70 or so auctions we donate to every year, the hundreds of tickets… small things perhaps, but, along with the school shows, workshops, social service outreach, an important part of the fabric of our community.

What happens when you pull at that fabric? Our tightly knit community unravels.

Keeping FCA strong will mean we’ll have a home which continues to be attractive as a place to live, economically diverse, with great opportunities. It will be fun, offer good education and bring all the diverse Fairbanks communities and their members together in a positive way.

We don’t just put on shows, we build community, we form partnerships which provide strength and resilience for that community, we work like mad to contribute to a better Interior Alaska. That’s our impact and without your support, that impact would not be possible.

Your support is urgently requested. Please help us reach our goal of $20,000 in contributions before the end of the year.

With your help, I know we can do it and keep the fabric of our community strong.

Please, give now