For fourteen years, people have told me “You have the best job in town!” I’ve never doubted it. What other job gives you the keys to the city on an annual trip to NY, a free pass to hundreds of live performances, a group of colleagues from around the state who share your passion for the arts and connecting artists with our communities, and hugs and thanks from those in your community?  What other job allows you to hang with talented performing artists, exercise your creativity, and scheme ways to bring benefit to your community through the power of performing arts? Yes, it is the best job in town, and now it can be yours!

I’m handing over this opportunity to some lucky person. I leave you an organization with the best staff, contractors, and board members in the state. An organization with funds, community respect, and good relationships. An organization which is beloved, with room to expand with fresh ideas, new energy, and ambition for another 75 years.

Here’s the position description, including how to apply.

Thank you for fourteen years of support. I hope to see you at the last two concerts this spring. BeauSoleil on April 1, and Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox on May 6. I couldn’t have asked for a better send-off!