croppedSpaceships, Letters to the Editor, Zygonians? It’s all part of the fun. Because let’s face it, January can be a month that’s hard to love. Without the inherent joy of the holidays, those dark days can start to get to us, right? We thought presenting The Intergalactic Nemesis and putting a spaceship on the roof of the Fairbanks Daily News Miner might be a fun way to make January more fun for us all. We’d love to know… did it work?

Speaking of making it fun for all of us that’s one of the goals we have here at FCA – including all those who want to attend, participate, to interact. Whether it’s a spaceship downtown, a luau, a series of talks or an “everything and the kitchen sink”jam we are actively seeking ways for you to socialize with family and friends, learn new things, experience high quality art in a deeper more experiential way and ultimately, to support the community.

Our next project: a community dance team, available to all, to make Fairbanks come alive with unexpected excitement this spring. You can even sign up tonight. Call your friends. Let us know. No experience necessary. We’ll teach you a simple movement that you can do while walking. And then the fun begins.

Including everyone can be expensive. Fortunately we know we can count on you to come through for us. Everyone here at FCA knows how much you do for us and our school, rural, social service and community outreach programs. When the lights go down and the show begins, know that it is your efforts that made tickets available to some very deserving people. It’s your efforts too, that keep ticket prices less than half what you’d pay in other parts of the country and make school shows possible for some 6,000 students this year.

This gives you a say in our decisions. Like who you want to see perform next year. Ideas welcome.  Give us your opinion. We value it. We use it. We respect it.

Let’s blast off together!

IMG_5055 Thanks to the Fairbanks Daily News Miner for playing along. Just one of the ways that living here is special — I mean, can you imagine installing a spaceship on top of a building anywhere else?        Thanks, too, to Kinross Fort Knox Goldmine for helping us find a home at the new Fairbanks Children’s Museum for our spaceship.