Fairbanks Concert Association

Clean-Up Day is May 7
The Trash Bash will be held from 11 am – 2 pm at Pioneer Park.

Feeling inspired by Scrap Arts Music?

Bring a found object to Pioneer Park where we will create a community found object art installation under the direction of local found object artist Craig Buchanan.

We are starting a list of things we need for this event:
Call the FCA office at 474-8081 if you are able to bring any of these items to Pioneer Park. We’ll maintain a list on our website of what has been promised and what is still needed.

stands – holding canvases/back-drops etc
battery powered drills (as many we can get)
charging stations
canvases – wooden – found objects – frames – etc…
screws – various sizes various types (sheet-rock,wooden,) – 1/2 inch, 1 inch…etc… around 1 1/2 pounds per size(s)…
hand-held screw drivers both standard and phillips – as many as we can get
hammers -small
glue – elmers as well as gorilla
hand held vises – various sizes
clamps – various sizes
sand paper – various grids
olive oil
hard brushes – various sizes for cleaning objects etc…
soft brushes – for touch-up
water bottles – to drink
sharpies – numerous
paint -various colors
small nails (brad type)
found objects – variety – large and small
sun glasses – so we can all look cool (optional)

Sponsored by Kinross Fort Knox Goldmine, Alaska Airlines Foundation and Good¢ents – GVEA Foundation