Fairbanks Concert Association

One evening, back in 2004, a girl walks into a bar looking for someone and discovers this amazing band…

I first saw the Hot Club of Cowtown at the UAF Pub many years ago. Back then my friend Jeff Stepp was leading the ASUAF Concert Board, but I didn’t know he had music there that night, I just went in because I was looking for someone. Now, almost a decade later, I can’t remember who it was I went in there to find, but I do remember the band and I know I never finished my mission because I stayed to hear them.

Even then I was astonished by their musicality, their sense of fun and just how blindingly good they are. I started following them. For a while, they parted to pursue other opportunities, but happily came back together and I had the occasion to see them again in New York. They were already on our list when we heard they were coming as part of UAF’s presentation of Mountain Stage last summer. Knowing you would have the opportunity to hear them there, we took them off our list – until you heard them at Mountain Stage and demanded to hear more. Now FCA is the lead presenter in a tour that covers the state.

You asked. We listened.

Now we have partners all across the state though none more important than those close to home. It’s exciting when something you do resonates and takes off. This happened with our tour with Hot Club who will now begin a tour that brings them to a dozen communities from Fairbanks to Sitka. They’ll be in Delta at the big gym at 7 on Saturday and at the multipurpose room at the Tri-Vally School in Healy at 7 PM on Sunday. With help from Josh Bennett SRS, Kris Capps, the award winning Healy Tech Team, Joyce McCombs and the Delta Library Board and many others.

It also happened when we asked your opinion on who you’d like to see appear here with Martin Short – our presentation October 5th. We’re glad so many people are passionate about this. There will actually be several appearances by local people during this performance. We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. The final proof of course will be the performance itself. Whether your candidate is chosen or not we hope you’ll be there to see it.

We like having you as our partner. We rely on your input as co-curators, as supporters and of course we wouldn’t be here unless you are here too.
and Jeff, look what you started!

Our presentation of The Hot Club of Cowtown was made possible with support from

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Northern Alaska Tour Company
Alaska Airlines
Alpine Lodge

The Hot Club of Cowtown tour of Alaska was made possible with funding by Rasmuson Foundation through the Harper Arts Touring Fund, and is administered, under contract, by the Alaska State Council on the Arts.