Fairbanks Concert Association

FCA Arts Education Video Series: Bringing World Class Talent Online to Local Classrooms!! And, we need your help!
When we had to cancel the rest of the FCA season – and with it, outreach to the Fairbanks Youth Orchestras’ students and school shows for an estimated 2600 students – we began thinking about what we might do to mitigate the lost outreach, and help music teachers suddenly having to create content for online consumption in a field that really begs for human interaction.

At about the same time, our friend Caitlin Warbelow started Tune Supply as a great conduit to pay artists for their work.

Conversation with some local music teachers produced a clear idea of what would be helpful to them: A series of short segments by diverse artists on such topics as creative listening, insight on being a professional musician, playing with intent and feeling, home practice methods, and individuals talking about their specific instruments, including singers. Format: segments 3 – 5 minutes long.

These could be delivered via a link to a video that we could share with teachers to use and share with their students.
We know that teachers will find these useful and that it will have benefits not just during this time but for years to come.

Will you help us?

It’s an important component of our mission and we hope you’ll recognize that fostering student musicians today will secure concerts for the future.

Our community survey determined that serving students was the outreach you valued most.
We are trying to raise $1500 for this project. We suggest that with so many compelling causes to support these days that you contribute just $10 (although feel free to do more).

100% of this $ will go directly to out of work professional musicians and their work will go to benefit local teachers and their students.