FCA Community

The Fairbanks Concert Association is part of the greater Fairbanks community of Interior Alaska.  We exist to serve the community and rely on support and participation from you.

Here are some stories about how FCA is involved:

Passing the hat

If you have attended any of our concerts this year then you know we have started a new tradition called Passing the Hat. In these days of economic uncertainty we want to do our part to keep our community strong and our fellow non-profits providing the services we all count on so much. We have always been impressed with the number of non-profit organizations Fairbanks has and supports, far more than other cities twice our size. This is one reason we love this place and call it home.

Kudos from our fans

Fairbanks Concert Association is so pleased to get this wonderful positive feedback from our friends – it really keeps us going!

Here’s a sampling of the responses we’ve received:

When I started working for FCA last spring, this season was already planned. My friend Leone, FCA board member and the driving force behind our world music program, of which the Yuval Ron Ensemble is a part, gently said: “I don’t think we have the dervish. That’s a mistake. We really need to have him.”

“So far, my all-time favorite group was Yuval Ron. I loved the variety of cultures they brought and the blend of tradition and modernism. The whirling dervish was mesmerizing and I could have listened and watched for hours. The other group that blew me away was Parsons Dance. My daughter worked with them during the Summer Arts Festival and got to perform during the opening piece. Because of this opportunity, and the inclusion of so many familiar adult faces, the whole thing felt like a sharing rather than a performance. Tessa was definitely inspired by them and I was boggled by the innovative dances (hand dances, strobe dances etc.) and the physical perfection of what they did. I have never considered myself a fan of modern dancer, but Parsons went a long way toward changing my mind. They are great ambassadors for their art! By the way, I worked for many years for the Northern Alaska Tour Company and can say without a qualm they are a fantastic group of people. I love it that you have been able to partner with them for some of your travel needs. Thanks again for the great line-up of performances year after year. FCA makes Fairbanks a better and stronger community.” —Robert Weeden

We recently got a call to the office from a woman who had moved up from Florida. Evidently there, you had to sign up for the whole season. No exceptions. The cost was over $1000. Boy was she happy to find out how flexible FCA is. Another caller remarked on how we are “only 15 minutes away and I didn’t have to pay for parking!” Yet another: “I came from a much bigger city in the lower 48 and there NEVER was anything this good!”

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