With a 7 vote lead, we are declaring Glenner the winner!

Admittedly, the art of holding an election, especially an online election is a fairly imperfect science. No hanging chads here, but many
ways of handling the data. Who knew when we started this that it would blossom into such an epic contest?!

One thing’s for sure: We have never loved this town more. The amazing good sportsmanship exhibited between candidates, the sense of fun and enthusiasm. You all made us
proud to be a part of this community.

Thanks to our valiant and intrepid web master James who kept things running smoothly throughout the campaign.

We have written to Marty’s management to see if we can have both top contenders radio personality Glenner Anderson and Pioneer Park manager Jason Avery on as “Jiminy’s” guests. No matter what, we promise that both will be on stage at Hering during Martin Short, October 5th.

We’ll update as this unfolds.

Thank you all for participating!