Better Together

Impact comes in many ways. A few years back the great NPR mother of all mothers Susan Stamberg came here and said she changed from reporting on politics to reporting on the arts because “who remembers the name of the guy in power when Vermeer was painting?”

Art makes a lasting impact on our lives.

Another University speaker wrote a book called Better Together. The phrase stuck in our heads. We not only took it home, we’ve taken it everywhere ever since.

The idea that we are stronger and can achieve more through coming together can be seen through everything we do. Stories of how this manifests runs throughout our Season. There is no partnership more important than the one we have with you. Whatever else we do, whoever else we do it with, it all comes down to getting to share these times, these performances, these great artists, with you.

It is our desire to connect everyone in our Interior AK community to the artists we bring here. In doing so, we have come to celebrate the coming together of community. We know that for some in our community this isn’t always possible due to distance, circumstance or finance. We work with you to make a difference. We’ve lowered our prices in the hope that more will be able to attend. We created outreach programs so that everyone can experience the elation that comes from a live performance.

Ticket sales are less than 40% of our annual budget. The rest comes from a partnership with the community we serve. This includes grants from local foundations, corporate sponsorship with local businesses, membership donations and our Education Partnership annual appeal.

Feedback requested!

We are yours. We look for input every way we can. We survey at the Fair, at our concerts and on our website and Facebook page. There you can find more information about our events, what we are considering for the future, what we are thinking about. Our Facebook page has opportunities for feedback everyday. You can vote, you can inform yourself, you can tell us what you think and what your preferences are.

In turn, it is our hope that, if you are able, you will take those savings – add more if you can – and donate it back. That way, we can keep it going.

The joining of artists to each other and to us. We know it works better, when we work with other organizations here and throughout the state and when artist join together for new projects magic happens.

The best magic of all is when we all assemble together to watch the results.

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