Workshops with Split Knuckle Theatre

Workshops with Split Knuckle Theatre Physical Storytelling Saturday, November 22, noon – 3:00. $30.00 limited to 30 participants Contact the FCA office 474-8081 to register In Physical Storytelling we introduce different techniques used to create the work we do with... Read more...

Bringing Shackleton

There were times, when bringing FCA’s first presentation of a play to Fairbanks seemed like Shackleton’s epic voyage itself. The story unfolds over several years. It began in NY, we saw “Endurance” in the showcase listings and recognized it immediately as pertaining... Read more...
Shackleton Sources

Shackleton Sources

The upcoming Split Knucke Theater: Endurance performance and the lecture series have given rise to renewed interest in the epic stories, history and images of this expedition. Check out the bibliography of Shackelton-related resources compiled by Dick Campbell.


If you are interested in adding any of these materials to your personal library, you can support Fairbanks Concert Association by purchasing through the Amazon Smile Program. If you shop through Amazon Smile, and select Fairbanks Concert Association as your charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of each purchase to support F.C.A.

Links are provided to those sources we could find on Amazon Smile.



A LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP Thursday, November 20, 12– 3:00 PM The workshop will be taught by Dr. Michael Castellini, Dean of the School of Fisheries at UAF and Split Knuckle Theater’s Artistic Director Greg Webster. It will focus on the Shackleton Leadership training... Read more...
The Shackleton Cyber Library

The Shackleton Cyber Library

One of the many reasons the Split Knuckle Theatre Endurance project is so compelling is the wealth of material available on the source. Ever since we found this project, we’ve been collecting that material. We think you’ll appreciate the performance even more if you immerse yourself in the history behind it. We offer you a wealth of online resources and media about Shackleton’s Expedition, his team, his whiskey, the legacy and the Split Knuckle Theatre’s Endurance project.

Stories from the Explorers Club

Stories from the Explorers Club

Palace Saloon, November 3-13
PowerPoint by lamp oil in an historic setting

Join us at the Palace Saloon, Pioneer Park for some turn of the century ambiance and informal talks by local experts — all running up to our presentation of Split Knuckle Theatre’s performance of “Endurance”. A play which merges Shackleton’s Antarctic exploration with a story of modern day perseverance.

Monday, November 3rd, 6:00 pm
“Watching ice grow: Wintering in Antarctica and continuing a hundred years of science in McMurdo Sound” with Andy Mahoney

Wednesday, November 5th, 6:00 pm
“Rediscovered: Polar Exploration in the 20th Century” with Mike Castellini

Thursday, Nov 6th, 6:00 pm
“Visions of Endurance: The Films and Photographs of Frank Hurley” with Len Kamerling

Monday, Nov 10th, 6:00 pm
“Resiliency Discovered: Ernest Shackleton’s Unparalleled Leadership” with Mike Castellini

Thursday November 13th, 7:00 pm
“Polar Music in the Days of Whalers and Sailors” with Paul Krejci



See it. Feel it. Share it. Our theme this season. Why? Well, attending a performing arts event is a special experience. A one-time only connection that can never be repeated made more unique by those attending with you. It’s that contact high connecting you to those... Read more...

An Epic Season

You haven’t heard much from us lately but it has been an epic summer for FCA! Witness our new website. Look for our new online ticketing where you can choose your seats to roll out midway through the season. Find our first-ever Annual Report (PDF).  We wanted to... Read more...

2014-2015 Season

We invite you to join us for the 2014-2015 Season—a season filled with programs that offer the diversity and quality your feedback always tells us you value. There is something for everyone and we invite you to explore! From Lyle Lovett in September to BodyVox in May, these are the artists you’ve asked us for. You asked. We listened.

Of course we’re excited for the return of Ramsey Lewis, along with John Pizzarelli and the best quartet we’ve ever heard in a tribute to Nat King Cole we know you’ll love. We’re also thrilled to bring you our first full-on theater production in an exciting new partnership with Theater UAF. Something old is something new when it’s Intergalactic Nemesis—prepare to be invaded by Zygonians, Fairbanks!

We’re as curious as you to see what happens when classical violin combines with beat box and DJ when Black Violin arrives. We think you’ll love both our world music offerings: Masters of Hawaiian Music and African Guitar Summit.


Instrument of Change

Dear Friends, I recently watched a program about the Fine Arts Conservatory in Miami. Begun in the early 1950’s and far ahead of its time, the school brought music, art and dance to young students in an integrated environment. This little known Conservatory... Read more...