Fairbanks Concert Association

1. Why close out the season with Body Vox?

In a season which has included a wide range of performing arts, including our first play and a live action graphic novel, this seems like the perfect way to conclude a great year.

 2. What can the audience expect from this show?

BodyVox is a great “gateway” dance group. Very fun and innovative. They brilliantly blend theater, film, even trapeze, into one entertaining performance. Those who aren’t familiar with dance will be in for a surprise. They are fun and kind of cool,  and they have it all. I highly recommend you watch some of their short films http://bodyvox.com/film to get a sense of what they do.

 3. There’s a flash mob. What’s up with that?

Three reasons really.

This year we’ve really focused on getting everyone in the community engaged. We’ve looked for ways to include local participation and to provide opportunities for our patrons to gain a deeper experience or understanding of  the artists we bring. We offered a luau at the Blue Loon with our slack key artists, a series of talks at the Palace Saloon related to the play we brought, we installed a space ship on the roof of the Fairbanks Daily News Miner in advance of the Intergalactic Nemesis, and offered some opportunities to jam with our percussion quartet.

One of the contributions the arts make to a community is to enliven it, make it filled with surprising and fun experiences and that’s our goal here. As with the spaceship in January, we want to make Fairbanks a fun place to live.

That, and to fill the hall when BodyVox comes for our final performance of the season. We want to promote dance, theater and all forms of performing arts in Fairbanks. We think those who encounter it will have as much fun as those who are performing.

This has been a fun project for us. Partnerships are important for a small operation like FCA. We have loved working with Courtland Weaver and North Star Ballet who have been really gracious hosts, providing studio space and teaching the movement to people who wouldn’t normally find themselves in a dance studio. While this group may not be dancers, this week they are. All of them have embraced the spirit of the project and a new experience, and they have been a joy to work with. We are all having so much fun.  Everywhere we’ve gone has experienced that same sense of joy – and all of them have asked us to return. An airport administrator asked us to come back when a larger plane landed!

4. Will you announce the 2015-16 season lineup at the performance on Saturday?

YES and I promise you’ll be wowed!