Ever since they started, I’ve been a fan of ACI. There’s something about the whole program… the way it started – in search of a teacher for ardent students. The philosophy – teach, study, but also get them out to have fun and enjoy the great Alaska outdoors. But it’s the students themselves which really get me. The joy and intensity they give to playing. The fun they have. How good they are and how serious they are about music.

I’ve been following them for a while. I try to get to their performances whenever I can and I confess: it’s more because of the energy exhibited than any holy sense of support children’s music programs in a community where I serve the arts. These kids play with verve, they have concentration but also love of music, of playing together and it’s fun! I’m a vampire seeking all they put out!

This is where I get to the confession. Last spring, ACI played up at Skiland. I borrowed Terry’s truck, my best friend was visiting from Anchorage, it was a beautiful, sunny Saturday in April and my season was winding up. Long days, beautiful scenery… you know that feeling.

The performance was great and after, I got to chat with a lot of people I really like. Becca and Steve Levey. Andrew Cox. Lots of friends. When I left I was million miles high. Chris and I got in the truck and headed home.

OK, you know that long hill coming down the Steese into town? Well there wasn’t a single vehicle in sight and no ice and snow for the first time in months. Feeling great, the increased power of the truck over my ‘97 4 Runner, my friend and I having a great time… I just let ‘er go and yup. The trooper nailed me. He asked and I told him just how fast I was going. He said “if you’d a lied I would’ve really nailed you.” Thanks officer. But I got the first points on my license. Ever.

What can I say? I was wrong to be speeding, but sometimes that’s just the power of a great performance… combined with breakup in Alaska.

Now I get to have break up, ACI and a great performance with PCP about break up, all in synergy. The forces of nature coming together with the forces of art.

Can you beat that? Do you think the trooper would understand? It’s my perfect record. blown.