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To present, promote and sponsor artistically and culturally diverse performing arts events and educational opportunities of the highest quality from around the world.

Who are? What do we do?

We bring the best, most diverse professional performing artists to Interior Alaska from all over the world and connect them with Interior Alaskans. We create opportunities for everyone to participate. We’re part of the community. We enhance it, we make it fun, and we bring people together in a joyous shared adventure through public performances and outreach opportunities.

What goes into planning a season?

The executive director and the FCA Artist Selection Committee select artists for each season based on a range of criteria and scheduling needs.

  • Offer a broad range of performing arts projects
  • Seek projects which lend themselves to community engagement. Engagement includes added value, participation, out of the box promotions
  • Pursue projects which enhance but honor artist performance. provide opportunities for our community to be creative, to get more involved, to gain deeper knowledge of our presentations and artists, while enhancing and maintaining the integrity of the artists’ work and intent.
  • Try new things: new venues, new genres, new approaches to presenting
  • Seek at least one performance/year with appeal to all ages
  • Seek at least one performance/year with appeal to 20-35 yr olds
  • Offer the best possible performer relative to audience numbers/potential ticket sales and revenues
  • Balance artists with broad appeal with artists who offer something  new to our community, and artists with a likely high rate of return relative to fee with those we budget at a loss
  • Stay alert to trends (Has world music peaked? Are audiences diminishing because of the quality of presentations or lack of interest in form? Are classical/popular hybrids the next big interest?)
  • Do more with fewer artists
  • Seek partnerships
  • Block book: seek routing within the state for lower artist fees for all
  • Seek funding beyond ticket sales
  • Plan ahead – look for large projects several years out, with potential for statewide and community impact
  • Take a social stand but not a political stand
  • Offer individual packages and always allow people to choose their own
  • Limit number of events. Make each one special in its own way
  • Build constituency by building community. Review projects by relevancy to community. Offer ways to connect us all to each other and possibly to something greater than ourselves. This is inherent in great performing arts presentations.
  • Avoid duplicating what is being done by others unless we can offer significant improvement
  • Enhance the value of FCA to the community. We believe we make a difference to the livability of our town which in turn makes the community itself more valuable.

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