So many exciting changes in the wind!

First, there will soon be a new executive director here! We’re hoping to have someone hired by the end of June. It’s time to blow open the windows and let some fresh air and fresh ideas in!

Next: We’re moving! After more than 30 years in the same office we are moving to Artisans Courtyard. From now on, we’ll be paying rent to support another arts non-profit our dear friends and colleagues at North Star Ballet! We’ll be more accessible, and when you come to see us, you can also take a class, buy a dress, or have a coffee. Come see us in our new digs after June 1st!

What else? This is the first time I can think of that we haven’t put subscription tickets on sale at our final season concert. Lots of reasons, the pandemic has affected many things in our world, we’re still waiting for some big names to confirm, we’re moving, and changes by other presenters in the state have had an impact on us here. We still intend to give our current season ticketholders the opportunity to save your seat. Just let us know during June that you’d like to keep them. We hope to have everything ready by June 1st.

We’re working on three brand new initiatives we hope will serve Interior Alaska. FCA has done much to expand outreach in recent years. We leverage each performance for further community service. For FCA, these initiatives will be an important step moving us to substantive programs, reflecting our community and a sustained, in depth means of using the arts to improve their lives. Our plan is for these to be fully integrated, sustained, ongoing outreach and performance programs:

Arctic Fest is a two-day event that uses the arts to explore science and social responses to climate change with performances, art exhibitions, talks, workshops, and a green marketplace. Arctic Fest is a collaboration between FCA, the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Northern Alaska Environmental Center.

AK DE-CRUIT: Six weeks of working and performing with military veterans during September and December. DE-CRUIT founders Stephan Wolfert and Dawn Stern use a “theatre as medicine” model to heal trauma and to aid in the transition from military service back into life as a civilian.

The Bill Stroecker Jazz Program for the study, practice, and appreciation of jazz. The Stroecker Foundation has made a commitment to jazz and developing new jazz audiences through the study, practice and appreciation of jazz. Look for the Bill Stroecker Jazz Festival during April jazz month!

Keep in touch! We’ll be rolling out a lot more information on the season and our new initiatives. I can’t wait to see what happens next!t!