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  • Listing in each concert program acknowledging your contribution.

Contributing Member Levels:

  • Friend: Your membership contribution is a minimum $35 per person (2 people = $70) and you plan to attend only 3 events.
  • Contributor: Your membership contribution is a minimum $75 per person (2 people = $150) and you plan to attend only 4-5 events.
  • Donor: Your membership contribution is a minimum $100 per person (2 people = $200) for 6 events or more.
  • Membership contributions at or above $500 come with extra benefits including post-concert receptions. These figures are not charged per person. Call the FCA office at 474-8081 for more information.
  • Patrons donate $500-$999
  • Benefactors donate $1,000-$1,999
  • Champions donate $2,000-$3,999
  • Angels donate $4,000 or more

Picking at least three events will give you priority seating for Special Events and the convenience of advanced ticketing. Member seating is in the front half of the house, with non-member seating immediately behind. If you want great seats, a membership is the way to go.

Get the best seats for next season at the best price now.

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2016-2017 Ticket Prices

Season Ticket Packages and Individual Ticket Prices for Fairbanks Concert Association 2016-2017 Performances
Big Bad Voodoo DaddySeason ticket price$36$30
Big Bad Voodoo DaddyIndividual Tier A (front)$77$67
Big Bad Voodoo DaddyIndividual Tier B (middle)$47$37
Big Bad Voodoo DaddyIndividual Tier C (back)$34$29
Women of the WorldSeason ticket price$28$20
Women of the WorldIndividual Tier A (front)$43$38
Women of the WorldIndividual Tier B (middle)$36$31
Women of the WorldIndividual Tier C (back)$30$25
Tanya TagaqSeason ticket price$28$20
Tanya TagaqIndividual Tier A (front)$36$31
Tanya TagaqIndividual Tier B (middle)$33$28
Tanya TagaqIndividual Tier C (back)$31$25
Cherish the LadiesSeason ticket price$36$30
Cherish the LadiesIndividual Tier A (front)$49$44
Cherish the LadiesIndividual Tier B (middle)$39$34
Cherish the LadiesIndividual Tier C (back)$29$24
The Intergalactic NemesisSeason ticket price$30$20
The Intergalactic NemesisIndividual Tier A (front)$44$38
The Intergalactic NemesisIndividual Tier B (middle)$37$31
The Intergalactic NemesisIndividual Tier C (back)$30$25
Versa-Style Dance CompanySeason ticket price$28$20
Versa-Style Dance CompanyIndividual Tier A (front)$44$38
Versa-Style Dance CompanyIndividual Tier B (middle)$37$31
Versa-Style Dance CompanyIndividual Tier C (back)$30$25
Portland Cello ProjectSeason ticket price$34$20
Portland Cello ProjectIndividual Tier A (front)$44$38
Portland Cello ProjectIndividual Tier B (middle)$39$31
Portland Cello ProjectIndividual Tier C (back)$30$25
Rhythm Future QuartetSeason ticket price$29$20
Rhythm Future QuartetIndividual Tier A (front)$44$38
Rhythm Future QuartetIndividual Tier B (middle)$39$31
Rhythm Future QuartetIndividual Tier C (back)$30$25
Shane KoyczanSeason ticket price$28$20
Shane KoyczanIndividual Tier A (front)$43$38
Shane KoyczanIndividual Tier B (middle)$36$31
Shane KoyczanIndividual Tier C (back)$30$25
David SedarisSeason ticket price$49$49
David SedarisIndividual Tier A (front)$78$78
David SedarisIndividual Tier B (middle)$52$52
David SedarisIndividual Tier C (back)$42$42


Single event tickets go on sale August 1:

Purchase tickets here,  at Grassroots Guitar or call 907-490-2858.

Tickets for some events may also be available for purchase at the door, but we make no promises that the concert you want won’t sell out! When you buy tickets online, we mail them to you unless it’s within a week of the show, the tickets will be at the box-office (“will call”) an hour before the show.

When you purchase a ticket online you will be automatically added to the email list for concert information. If you do not wish to receive emails just let us know in the comment.

Single Concert Ticket Availability

Online Ticket Sales will cease at noon on the day of the concert. After that time, try Grassroots Guitar on College Road, or plan to buy your tickets at the Hering Auditorium box office. The box office opens one hour before each FCA performance.