Tix for Quix. Give a little. Share a lot!

http://igg.me/at/tixforquix Everyone deserves access to high quality arts experiences and education. No exceptions. To that end we do school shows, residencies and workshops, provide rural and social service outreach and donate tickets. It’s our ticket donation...Read more

Election Results

With a 7 vote lead, we are declaring Glenner the winner! Admittedly, the art of holding an election, especially an online election is a fairly imperfect science. No hanging chads here, but many ways of handling the data. Who knew when we started this that it would...Read more

Hot Club of Cowtown

One evening, back in 2004, a girl walks into a bar looking for someone and discovers this amazing band… I first saw the Hot Club of Cowtown at the UAF Pub many years ago. Back then my friend Jeff Stepp was leading the ASUAF Concert Board, but I didn’t know...Read more

The new season begins…

A friend recently posed this question: “Can the arts be considered the antidote to pop culture drivel?” What?! I have to think this was meant to be provocative and it certainly worked on me. I’m a cultural omnivore. I love Golijov and the Talking...Read more

Anne’s puzzle

“Robert, Robert, Robert! I got it, I got them both!” This is often how I would enter KUAC on Wednesday mornings post 2001. When Performance Today added the Piano Puzzler I first rolled my eyes “that is sooo obvious!” I thought. But I was instantly hooked. The Robert...Read more